Our goal is to welcome our first time guests by helping them feel at home at Ignite City Church. This is an opportunity to be a guests first friend, providing them with a VIP gift bag, as well as showing them around our location and answering any questions they have about getting connected.

Ignite Kids

Ignite Kids We’re passionate about partnering with families and helping kids learn about Jesus in a creative and engaging way. Ignite Kids is the best place for your child to build a biblical foundation for their life! Our 5 teams on the Ignite Kids Crew include Check-in, Crawlers (6 weeks through 2 years), Explorers (3-4 years), Dreamers (5-6 years), Heroes (7-9 years), Legends (10-12 years)

To provide the safest environment possible for children at IGNITE, each crew member must complete a background check before serving.

Ignite youth

Ignite Youth Crew is an opportunity to be apart of the Gen Z movement and to help reach the next generation for Jesus. With Ignite Youth we have 2 teams you can join. Sunday morning Connect team, and Group Leaders. If you have a passion for helping raise up the next generation and make an eternal impact this is the Crew for you! To join our Crew we will schedule a one on one meeting with you after you fill out the Serve Team Form. We can’t wait for you to join our Crew!


We are a crew of photographers, videographers, and graphic designers using our creative giftings to serve our Creator! From social media posts to videos, our crew is set on reaching people for Jesus in a unique way. Come be a part of the crew that uplifts each other's creative abilities to create opportunities for people to know Christ!


Our crew uses our gift of giving to support major projects and facilitate the overall vision of the church through strategic financial offerings.


We exist to cover services, crews, ministries, and events at IGNITE Church in prayer. We receive prayer requests from the church and unite in intercessory prayer for those needs before God each Sunday morning.


We exist to make sure everyone is refreshed and ready for church by providing coffee to all. Creating this environment allows our guests to feel the warm welcome of IGNITE Church.


We exist to steward the materials that God has given us. We take pride in putting everything from flags to signage back in its proper place. We strive to reset the church in order to set the following Sunday up for success.


We exist to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe parking experience for anyone who attends service at Ignite. We help guests feel welcome and safe as they drive onto the site by directing traffic, and helping guests cross the street safely with a friendly smile


We exist to provide an increased level of comfort and assurance for guests in service. Using our experience, we strive to protect our Ignite guests, kids, and students, as well as providing excellent first aid care in emergency and non-emergency situations. This position will require a background check.

This position requires a background check.


IGNITE Worship is the worship ministry of IGNITE Church. We exist to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be through life-giving and dynamic worship experiences.


We exist to create a distraction-free environment for guests to engage in the message. Using our gifts, we strive to assist guests in seating, giving, and hosting an experience for everyone to encounter the presence and power of God.

first impressions

We exist to create the warm, Christ-filled environment of IGNITE Church. We have the unique privilege of shaking hands, giving high fives, and opening doors. All to ensure that each guest feels Christ's love through us.

Clean-up crew

The Clean-up Crew helps to keep the church a clean space to come and worship. We take care of all the cleanliness of the church such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and sanitizing. We believe in being good stewards of what God has given us and making this a clean environment for all who enter our church! 


The production team serves as the behind-the-scenes vehicle for our Sunday morning experience. We are a team of people from all different skill sets: lighting techs, sound engineers, computer operators, and more. If you are interested in helping create a space for people to worship, this is the crew for you!


We Exist to serve the church with our administrative, detail-oriented gifts. We take care of all the administrative tasks of Ignite, such as prepping giveaways and making first-time guest welcome calls.


We are trained to facilitate IGNITE Groups and equipped to build relationships while helping members to continue to grow in their relationship with Christ and one another.